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ABB Terminal Insight

ABB's mobile application for carriers and cargo inspectors. The entire manual process of loading, unloading and delivery point management is replaced by a series of digitized flows in which the traceability of the process is present at all times.

  • ABB Spain
  • Visual design, navigable prototype and design system
My role
Flow definition, preliminary design and navigable prototyping

What started as a mere visual redesign of a few screens turned into a total rethinking of the product. New user flows and profiles were generated and existing ones were modified to incorporate new functionalities.

I generated a sketch library to use as a temporary design system, updated all the symbols and elements according to the latest style guide of the client and assembled in Invision all the new flows with their different operations.


Visual design of elements and flows. To generate the prototypes I used Craft.


Navigable prototypes including code view when coming from Craft.


Importing assets from a previous team to regenerate them in sketch.

Project images